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We offer a great selection of beginner, intermediate and energetic classes. Joy In Yoga also offers specialty classes such as pre-natal, kids and 1 on 1 sessions. These classes get your heart pumping and challenge your body, mind and spirit as you work on balance, strengthening, and endurance.

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What Others Are Saying…

After being injured, I started Laura’s beginning and restorative classes with hesitation, but have been JOYFULLY surprised at how easy it was to blossom into my yoga practice once again. Laura is compassionate and flexible in her teaching so that every student, old-young, new-experienced, stiff-limber… can benefit. I love her style of giving a variety of levels for poses so that everyone can feel comfortable and move at their own pace. In addition, Laura’s aromatherapy massage and adjustments are superb, and she has a beautiful lightheartedness about her. I highly recommend all the classes at JIY for people interested in “finding the ease” within the body and mind through yoga. JIY’s packages are also uncomplicated and a great deal along with equipment to use, a fireplace, a tea station… the list goes on! This place rocks. J.P. from Monona, WI